Peter officially launches campaign

Sep 14, 2020

Today I officially announced my campaign for the Ward 2 Council seat with a press release sent to local media in DC. I am running to offer an alternative to the Republicrat status quo that has lingered on the Council for decades. Following Jack Evans' resignation in disgrace, Brooke Pinto got onto the Council via a crowded Democratic Party primary and a special election in which her fellow Democrats suspended their campaigns. She "won" the primary with less than 30 percent of the vote and just over 3,000 vote total – in an area with 77,000 residents.

In her short time on the Council, she has shown that she is essentially a continuation of Jack Evans' tenure. She has already voted against tax increases on the wealthy and opposed rent forgiveness. On the latter, she implausibly claims that both tenants and "property owners" (i.e. landlords) are hurting. And that's not all. One article in the Washington City Paper reported shortly after the primary that there are indications that she violated campaign finance rules. The same article pointed out that Pinto had never even voted in a DC election until this year. As the writers succinctly summarize it, "Brooke Pinto had no business winning the Ward 2 Democratic primary race." The following month, Pete Tucker reported in CounterPunch that Pinto might even have ties to the Trump family. Tucker states: "Six months after Donald Trump kicked off his racist bid for the White House, Pinto and her family appear to have celebrated 2015-16 New Year’s Eve at Trump’s Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago."

Clearly, what we are witnessing is a continuation of the Jack Evans era. Help me to make Pinto's tenure on the Council the shortest in its history. Please consider donating to my campaign (click here), volunteering (click here) or spreading the word about my campaign via social media (please tag my Twitter handle @BoltonforWard2). And, of course, if you are a Ward 2 resident, I humbly request your support on November 3. With your help, I can launch a challenge to Pinto and everything she represents. I am genuine progressive who will put the interests of ordinary residents above those of developers and other private interests.