Peter denounces GLAA false claim about questionnaire submission

Oct 16, 2020

The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance have committed calumny against me by falsely claiming on their website that I did not submit a questionnaire and thereby awarding me a score of "zero". Not only did I submit the questionnaire, but I also have documentary evidence that I submitted on August 24, well before GLAA's own September 14 deadline. To add insult to injury, I learned yesterday that GLAA had extended their deadline to those who hadn't submitted their questionnaires on time, including my opponent Martín Miguel Fernandez. In other words, I got penalized for submitting my questionnaire on time.

This is exactly the kind of corruption and sleazy dealing that I went into politics to fight against. Though of courses not on the same scale, this episode is reminiscent of the scandal that surrounded Jack Evans before he resigned in disgrace last year.

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